The 5th International Media Readings in Moscow "Mass Media and Communications – 2013": interviews with participants and Power Point presentations


Power Point presentations:

ppt.pngAndrei Richter "The notion of freedom of (the media) in international law and policy"

pdf.pngAnke Fiedler, Michael Meyen "The Transformation of Media Systems in Times of Change"

ppt.pngAnthony Moretti "Whistleblower or Traitor"

ppt.pngDaniel C. Hallin "Media System Change and the Conditions for Journalistic Professionalism"

ppt.pngDmitry Strovsky "Russian Media Coverage of BRICS Issues: Following Survey Results"

ppt.pngElena Vartanova "Russian Media System in the Context of Media Change: Reconsideration of the National"

ppt.pngHannu Nieminen "Changes in the Regulatory Framework of Media and Communications: Four Explanatory Strategies and Six Researcher Profiles"

ppt.pngKaarle Nordenstreng, Colin Sparks "A Critical Look at the Concept of Media System"

ppt.pngSvetlana Pasti "Journalists in the BRICS countries"

pdf.pngJeanette Steemers "Distribution – The “Space in Between” Production and Consumption and the Space Between the National and the Global"

ppt.pngЧернов Александр "Медиарегионалистика в парадигме российских исследований массмедиа"

ppt.pngНим Е.Г. "Русскоязычные СМИ в медиапространстве Казахстана: стратегия «мягкой силы»"

ppt.pngБогоявленский Андрей "Четыре теории прессы: анамнез"

ppt.pngБодрунова Светлана "Формирование публичных контр-сфер на основе СМИ альтернативной повестки дня в гибридных медиасистемах 2010-х годов: опыт России и Италии"

ppt.pngФролова Татьяна "Гражданские приложения в структуре медиакоммуникаций: российский опыт"

ppt.pngDenis McQuail "Investigating the Relation between Media System and Social System"

Interviews with participants:

Public talk by Prof. Daniel Hallin and Prof. Paolo Mancini:

Presentation of the book by Prof. Denis McQuail "Journalism and Society":

Awarding the titles of Honorary Professors of the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University:

Interview with Prof. Denis McQuail:

Interview with Prof. Paolo Mancini:

Interview with Prof. Elena Vartanova:

Interview with Prof. Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska:

Interview with Prof. Hannu Nieminen:

Interview with Prof. Greg Simons:

Interview with Dr. Gregory Goldenzwaig: