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обложка wofm 2017.jpgThe Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University publishes a number of academic journals, primarily in the Russian language. Some of them, including Medi@lmanah and Mediascope have been included into the list of the most prestigious Russian journals by the Higher Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation.

The academic journal World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies is published by the non-commercial partnership “National Association of Mass Media Researchers” in cooperation with the Faculty of Journalism. The journal represents a set of articles in English by Russian and foreign researchers in the field of journalism and mass communication from various cities and universities.

The main goals of the journal are to provide a platform for discussion among researchers of mass media and journalism, to raise interest towards Russian developments in the field of mass media and communication on the national and international levels, as well as to develop common approaches towards understanding the global and local tendencies in the area of mass media and journalism. 

The year 2012 witnessed the creation of the international editorial board at the World of Media journal, which united famous specialists and professionals from different countries: Denis McQuail (The Netherlands), Paolo Mancini (Italy), Daniel C. Hallin (USA), Kaarle Nordenstreng (Finland), Hannu Nieminen (Finland), Boguslawa Dobek-Ostrowska (Poland), Nico Carpentier (Belgium), Jens Wendland (Germany), Wolfgang Mühl-Bennighaus (Germany), Pal Tamás (Hungary), Janusz Adamowski (Poland), Patrik Aker (Sweden), Gregory Goldenzwaig (Sweden), Galiya Ibrayeva (Kazakhstan), Michael Freund (Austria) and Henrikas Jushkiavichus (UNESCO). The international editorial board was created to ensure more transparency during double reviewing of articles for the journal, as well as to increase its recognition within the international media environment.

The journal is published once a year. It supports a strict policy of publishing only peer-reviewed articles of the highest quality. All editors, reviewers and authors adhere to the journal’s code of ethics.

More information about the journal, guidelines for authors and important dates can be found at the official website of the World of Media journal.