conferences.jpgThe Faculty of Journalism is an organizer of many nation-wide and international conferences. It is also a proud host of several international conferences organized in cooperation with leading academic establishments: European Media Management Association (EMMA) in 2011, and International Media Management Academic Association (IMMAA) in 2015, European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) in 2017.

Since 2009, the Faculty of Journalism has been organizing the annual International Media Readings in Moscow “Mass Media and Communications”, also known as the Moscow Readings conference. The event takes place in October or November each year. At the moment, the Moscow Readings conference is the biggest international academic conference organized and hosted solely by the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University. The event is organized with support of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

Each year the conference brings media scholars, researchers, lecturers and PhD students from diverse Russian and international institutions to Moscow. In 2016, we had pleasure to welcome over 80 participants from 16 different countries as attendees of the Moscow Readings event. The general aim of the Moscow Readings conference is to consolidate contacts between researchers from different countries of the world, and to foster integration of representatives of the Russian school of journalism into the global academic space.

The event normally includes a pre-conference public talk (2014 – a public talk by Prof. Terry Flew; 2015 – a public talk by Prof. Daniel C. Hallin and Prof. Paolo Mancini; 2016 – a public talk by Prof. Kaarle Nordenstreng), two or three plenary sessions, thematic sessions, round table discussions, PhD sessions and a poster session. The conference runs for two days. The main working language is English.

On October 25–26, 2018 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU held the 10th International Moscow Readings conference ‘Mass Media and Communications – 2018’. The overarching theme of the conference this year was ‘Digital Transformations of Mass Media: Regional, National and Global Aspects’. The conference was attended by 200 scholars from 30 countries around the world, who presented a fascinating variety of contemporary media studies. As in the previous years, the conference was organized with support from the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

More information about the Moscow Readings conference is available at the official conference website. You are also welcome to explore the official pages of the Moscow Readings conference on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned for the conference-related news.