Full-time programs

The Master’s program Russian Journalism and Culture in the Global Context begins in September. Application process starts on June 15. Online entry exam is scheduled for June 24 and July 23.

To apply for the program, please send your CV and a short motivation letter explaining why you are interested in the program, what are your expectations and why you are the right student for this program. Requirements for admission are BA or MA degree in any subject and English proficiency level of B2.

The program is supervised by Professor Dr. Tatyana Frolova and Dr. Anna Gladkova.

Learn more about the program in this brochure

E-mail for applications:

Full-time programs.jpgGeneral information

Attraction of international students, development of cooperation with foreign partner universities is one of the priorities for the Faculty of Journalism. The Faculty of Journalism has about 200 international students from neighboring countries and beyond: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Morocco, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, South Korea, Estonia and others. 

Submission of documents for the first year of undergraduate and graduate levels (Bachelor, Master) for foreign applicants begins on June 15, 2021 and will be carried out in remote access on MSU online platform for the submission of applications: webanketa.msu.ru

The entrance exams will be conducted by MSU Central Admissions Office in distant form. The dates of entrance examinations will be set by MSU Central Admissions Office no later than June 1, 2021. 

Russian journalism and culture in a global context 
master's program is aimed at journalists working for Russian-language media in Russia and abroad, as well as everyone interested in receiving master's degree in the field of Russian media and culture in the English language. In addition to the fundamental courses included into the basic part of the master's program, students will have an opportunity to receive specialized professional competencies and learn more about various aspects of journalism, culture, media, communication in Russia during their study here. The program also includes a number of elective courses that will allow students to more accurately build their educational trajectory in terms of both thematic and technological specialization.

List of documents required

In order to be admitted to the entrance examination, admission committee of the Faculty of Journalism must be provided with the following documents:
- degree certificates (duly legalized) showing the qualification (degree) awarded, courses taken and ratings on them:
Bachelor degree (BSc / BA) - certificate of complete secondary education;
Master degree (MSс/MA) – Bachelor’s degree or Specialist’s degree;
Doctoral degree (PhD) – Master’s degree or Specialist’s degree;
- translation of the aforementioned degree certificates and marks on learned subject notarized by the notary of the Russian Federation;
- certificate of equivalence of degree certificate, received abroad, in a standard form (issued in the Russian Federation);
- A copy of the first two pages of the passport;
- A copy of the visa for entry into the Russian Federation;
- A copy of the migration card;
- Digital photo 3x4 cm.

Visa invitation

Faculty of Journalism provides foreign applicants with a standard visa invitation. This invitation should be used when applying for a student visa in a Russian consulate in a country of permanent residence. 

In order to receive a visa invitation, one should submit (by e-mail – see contact information below) for consideration the following documents:
• an application form;
• a scanned copy of the first two pages of the passport.

After consideration of the documents submitted, the Faculty of Journalism sends an invitation to enter the Russian Federation. Execution of invitation takes about 2.5 months, so it’s important to send these documents no later than 3 months before the start of classes.