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Welcome to the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University!

As one of the leading institutions of journalism education in Russia, we understand our mission as fostering academic rigor and achievement and empowering student success. Our faculty scholars prioritize student learning and innovative research. It is our goal to help students develop their skills and achieve their full potential in the course of study and in their future careers as journalists.

The Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University has a long legacy of academic excellence, and we continue to build on that legacy in ways that prepare students to succeed as media professionals in a rapidly changing world. We are happy to have an excellent faculty body consisting of highly professional teachers, researchers and mentors. The Faculty of Journalism is proud of its innovative teaching methods, longstanding connections with media practitioners, who share their unique experiences and success stories with the students, its study programs, many of which were recognized nationally, and its broad international outreach.

By embracing innovation and advancing teaching excellence as central to the learning experience, we empower our students not only to succeed in the classroom but to achieve distinction in the world as a result of their education.

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Journalism.

Best regards,
Professor Elena Vartanova,
Dean, Chair in Media Theory and Economics

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Faculty News

Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU and Vice-Chair of Armenian Union of Journalists signed an agreement for collaboration
e505d9e12333e2ba437cb0e1724dba07.JPGOn April 18, 2018 the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, Secretary of Russian Union of Journalists Professor Elena Vartanova and Vice-Chair of Armenian Union of Journalists Vardan Aloyan signed an agreement for collaboration.

The 10th International Media Readings in Moscow “Mass Media and Communications-2018”
d893a050536d9e85734896c487803dfc.jpgThe conference is aimed at discussing significant transformations of media under the influence of digitalization, media convergence, mediatization of the society, deprofessionalization of journalistic work, the development of new active audiences which take over some functions that have been traditionally performed by journalists, and other processes.  

The Doors Open Day at the Faculty of Journalism
27302995788_9e50e93e85_o.jpgOn March 31, 2018 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU invited guests to attend the Doors Open Day. The Faculty organized tours for the participants to fill them on in the events of MSU’ history and show them a beautiful building. Students from radio, TV and photo offices conducted workshops to give the enrollees basic idea of practical journalism. The Dean Professor Elena Vartanova gave a traditional open speech and presented the plan of enrollment campaign.

Teachers of Professional Disciplines and Modules of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU Took Part in the Winter Advanced Training School
DDL_5042.JPGOn 16-19 January, 2018 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU conducted a winter school for the teachers of professional disciplines. The program was focused on the professional competencies which were essential for the students, including creating and editing the journalistic texts, searching for information, fact checking, maintaining ethical standards.

The Open Day of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU
QV4A0598.jpgOn November 14, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU greeted guests during Open Day event. Future entrants were inspired by an opportunity to ask professors and students about the life of the Faculty.

The alumni of the Faculty have been awarded with the Prize of Russian Federation Government in the field of Mass Media
Снимок экрана 2017-12-22 в 21.45.31.pngThe Faculty of Journalism, MSU is proud of alumni and professors who have been awarded with the Prize of Russian Federation Government in the field of Mass Media.

The Meeting among Chinese Alumni and Students
IMG_0348.jpgOn December 19, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU conducted the first meeting among Chinese alumni and current students. Fan Fei and Lin Chuanzao, who had successfully graduated from the MSU, shared they eхperience of fruitful and bright student life.