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Welcome to the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University!

As one of the leading institutions of journalism education in Russia, we understand our mission as fostering academic rigor and achievement and empowering student success. Our faculty scholars prioritize student learning and innovative research. It is our goal to help students develop their skills and achieve their full potential in the course of study and in their future careers as journalists.

The Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University has a long legacy of academic excellence, and we continue to build on that legacy in ways that prepare students to succeed as media professionals in a rapidly changing world. We are happy to have an excellent faculty body consisting of highly professional teachers, researchers and mentors. The Faculty of Journalism is proud of its innovative teaching methods, longstanding connections with media practitioners, who share their unique experiences and success stories with the students, its study programs, many of which were recognized nationally, and its broad international outreach.

By embracing innovation and advancing teaching excellence as central to the learning experience, we empower our students not only to succeed in the classroom but to achieve distinction in the world as a result of their education.

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Journalism.

Best regards,
Professor Elena Vartanova,
Dean, Chair in Media Theory and Economics

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Faculty News

The Conference “Women in Media in 21 century: studies and practice”
649A2717.jpgOn April 24, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism conducted an international conference “Women in Media in 21 century: studies and practice”. The event was organized jointly with Chair of UNESCO for mass communications.

Faculty of Journalism Organized Events within Collaboration with Renmin University of China
IMG_9617-17-04-17-03-01.jpegOn April 17, 2017 Dr Chjao Junhua (Renmin University of China) presented here book “Russian Press in China (1898-1956)”.

Faculty of Journalism, MSU invites Submissions for the European Journalism Training Association’s Teachers’ Conference 2017 Journalism Education Across Borders (the deadline is July 25, 2017)
d893a050536d9e85734896c487803dfc.jpgThe conference aims to discuss journalism education in a global context, putting particular emphasis on professional, social, ideological, cultural and economic conditions, influencing the way journalists are educated today across the world.

The Bachelors Students met Anatoly Lisenko
649A4663.jpgOn April 4, 2017 students of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU met the Director of the Public Television of Russia Anatoly Lisenko. They discussed a structure of Russian TV market, the skills which a modern TV industry demands from the journalists, the ways for broadcasting media to survive under the pressure of new media and many other topics.

The VII Scholar Seminar “Prohorov Readings”
33629172985_8c47838368_z.jpgOn March 21, 2017 the VII scholar seminar “Prohorov Readings. The Journalism and Mass Communications within the Convergence” took place at the Faculty of Journalism, MSU.

The Faculty of Journalism opened the “Workshop of Channel One”
photo.jpgOn February 15, 2017 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU and Channel One started a joined project “Workshop of Channel One” which aimed at 3rd year students.

A graduated student of the Chair of Photojournalism and Media Technologies Christina Kormilitsyna won one of the awards of World Press Photo Contest 2017
world-press-photo.jpgKristina Kormilitsyna the photo correspondent of Kommersant who participated the retraining program of Photojournalism and Media Technologies Chair won the third prize in the one of the most prestigious photo competitions World Press Photo 2017.