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Welcome to the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University!

As one of the leading institutions of journalism education in Russia, we understand our mission as fostering academic rigor and achievement and empowering student success. Our faculty scholars prioritize student learning and innovative research. It is our goal to help students develop their skills and achieve their full potential in the course of study and in their future careers as journalists.

The Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University has a long legacy of academic excellence, and we continue to build on that legacy in ways that prepare students to succeed as media professionals in a rapidly changing world. We are happy to have an excellent faculty body consisting of highly professional teachers, researchers and mentors. The Faculty of Journalism is proud of its innovative teaching methods, longstanding connections with media practitioners, who share their unique experiences and success stories with the students, its study programs, many of which were recognized nationally, and its broad international outreach.

By embracing innovation and advancing teaching excellence as central to the learning experience, we empower our students not only to succeed in the classroom but to achieve distinction in the world as a result of their education.

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Journalism.

Best regards,
Professor Elena Vartanova,
Dean, Chair in Media Theory and Economics

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Faculty News

The Students of the Faculty Won the Competition for the Young Journalist “Your Moscow”
11111.jpgOn October 11, 2016 the winners of “Your Moscow” competition were awarded. The competition for young journalists included several nominations and the works of students of Faculty of Journalism, MSU were highly valuated.

Journalists and Scholars Discussed the Language of Broadcasting Media during the Conference “Study Russian”
111111.jpgOn October 12-13, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU hold the “Study Russian” conference devoted to the language of Russian broadcasting media. Journalists and scholars discussed the transformations of language norms.

The II International Conference “Counteraction to Pseudoscience in Modern Media Space: Capability of Scientific Communications”
1111111.jpgOn September 29-30, 2016 the faculty of Journalism, MSU hosted the II International Conference “Counteraction to Pseudoscience in Modern Media Space: Capability of Scientific Communications” supported by Ministry of Education and Science and Committee for Counteraction to Pseudoscience and Falsification of Scientific Research under the presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Aleksey Pogrebnoy visited the Faculty of journalism, MSU
1.jpgOn September 23, 2016 the faculty of Journalism hosted a famous Russian documentalist producer Aleksey Pogrebnoy. The visit was organized by the member of Chair of Television and Radio Broadcasting Dr. Andrey Raikin.

The Faculty of Journalism opens “Digital Media Management” course
The new study program “Digital Media Management” is aimed at people who already work in journalism but want to study some knew aspects of this sphere. The head of the course is the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism, MSU Professor Elena Vartanova.

The Faculty of Journalism at the International Moscow Book Exhibition
1111.jpgOn September 11, 2016 the Faculty of Journalism, MSU, hosted by Russian Union of Journalism on it’s stand, took a part in International Moscow Book Exhibition.

The record number of foreign students entered the Faculty of Journalism, MSU in 2016
112233-2.jpgThe record number of foreign students entered the Faculty of Journalism, MSU in 2016. More than 115 young people from China, Europe and CIS countries joined us and we are happy to welcome them in one of the best Russian universities!